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“There is Power in our Words"...

The Dowe Twins aka Dem Two Dowe Twins are young music artists on the rise. They started their music journey when the world was just coming out of the Covid Pandemic; the twins were upset seeing all of the hatred and violence that was taking place. Their first song "Gonna Love Us" denounced senseless gun violence and asked for the parks to be a safe free zone.

Finding a love for the art of music they decided to use their lyrics to uplift, empower and encourage others. The twins share their own personal stories and with meaningful messaging rally people to never stop fighting to fulfill their goals and dreams.

Understanding that people are unique while promoting positive social changes they also want to use music to help remove the negative stigma surrounding people with learning challenges, IEP’s and unidentifiable disabilities.

As official teenagers they have begun to formulate their own opinions about life and are having fun expressing their feelings in their music. The Dowe Twins say they are in this for the long haul and are determined to make their mark in the music industry releasing more music that people will enjoy.